Few Ways to succesfuly overchant you weapon
first: if u do a full party, all made of walkers, with chars low lvl that never enchanted anything, and u have a weapon +3, trade the weapon with anyone of the other bots, let him enchant it, and then he trades again to another one til everyone has enchanted. not tested though cuz it makes no sense.. but i heard it...

second: u can test if the enchant will fail or succeed. first click 2x on the scroll, and before enchanting, sell it with a shop to your friend and then enchant it... it will say if the enchant was or was not sucessful but ur weapon will remain like that, without the enchant, later, u can get back ur scroll with the dude. I heard that if u do this, and ur weapon is +3, and it says on the fake enchant that it was successful, u can get back ur enchant from the friend and enchant the weapon normally cuz it wont break... well... no sense... that thing of fake enchant works indeed, but every enchant has its probability of failure... nothing can say ur next enchant will be succeeded only because the fake was... i tryied this one with a friend and we got above 25 weapons +4 without any breaking... but that could be luck... +4 aint that hard to make without fkn up stuff.

third: using the fake enchant thingy, ppl say that if the probability of u do a enchant like +6 for instance is 66% of failure, that means that u will have 2 fails and 1 success. ppl use to fake enchant till they get 3 errors on a row, so the next will be successful, but for me its only relying on luck again, cuz the enchant has no memory on whats happened with the past fake enchants to think "whoa.. time to succeed now huh", and because of that, every enchant u do has the same probability of error... 66% its hard to happen if u talk about probability, but u can get 10+ fails with that probability of error if ur not lucky at all.. i wouldnt try this. would u risk an A grade like this? enchanting without the fakes before is the same thing.

notice that the third and second methods make no sense at all...
if u think like in the third, why u would enchant the weapon after a fake sucessful? its more chance that ur weapon fails later... lol..

fourth: well another stupid method that i didnt try cuz of its lack of sense. make a party, a full party. then let the leader enchant the weapon.. and put 2 or 3 days between each enchant. u wont loose ur weapon. wanna try? i think not.

fifth: ok.. now u need a mage... its like casting a slow speed spell on a mob like wind strike of a noob char without robe to give u time.. when he is almost firing the spell, after screaming its name, go and enchant.. u cant loose a weapon if the timing was perfect.

sixth: well item lag... spam soulshots and spiritshots (equip weapon, do soulshot, do spiritshot, unequip, equip again and keep doing this) until u think u got enough item lag. enchant ur weapon lots of times cuz the enchant will not change the status of the weapon becose of the lag... when u've done that lots of time, trade someone real quick, put the enchanted weapon on trade and press ok.. it will keep the weapon out of ur inventory, and if it was enchanted some times, it will be +2 or +3 compared that what u had, but it cant be removed of ur inventory cuz its not there anymore, its on trade.. so u dont loose weapon on the fails that it had.

seventh: same as the sixth.. but instead of spamming ss and spiritshots, just throw 1 adena, potions, maps, ur mother, whatever u like on the floor and do the same trick... it causes lag on item server too..

i tryied only the second one... didnt fail me, but do it at ur own risk.. that was what i learned for free researching forums.. any comment, add plz.. and if u know something really effective, help the community and stop being an fat selfish nerd that is good only on games and becose of cheating.