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Thread: Help with Vietnamese courtship customs

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    Default Help with Vietnamese courtship customs

    Hi, I am looking for some advice on traditional Vietnamese courtship customs. I have been seeing a divorced, 35 year old Vietnamese lady who has a daughter from her previous marriage. She has lived in Australia for 11 years and has a good understanding of Australian culture and is very well educated, but when I asked her how she would prefer to date, she indicated that she preferred the traditional approach.

    I have been seeing her for 4 months now, sometimes just the two of us and sometimes with her daughter as well, but have not attempted to become physical as she told me that I had embarrassed her when I told her that I liked her and that I was being too forward.

    I guess my question is what sort of timeline does a traditional courtship follow? Her mother (her father has passed away) is coming to Australia in a month or two to visit. Is it possible that she is waiting for this so that I can meet her mother and get her mother's approval before she will allow the relationship to proceed to the boyfriend / girlfriend level?

    Or does she expect me to "force" the relationship to the next level by kissing her or doing something else? I don't want to push too hard and find that I have destroyed her trust in me and any chance of having a relationship with her.

    Your advice is greatly appreciated.

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    Well, you have a while to try to know the woman. Do you think your 'four months' is enough? I would like to share, I knew my wife 5 years before our marriage. And we were divorced after some two years since. What you told, methoughts, is not relating to the culture but the characteristics of the woman. Anyway I hope you and her to share with each other happy time!

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