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Thread: lam sao hoc tieng viet?

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    Default lam sao hoc tieng viet?

    minh` co' the^~ noi' tieng viet duoc, may cau chuyen binh` thuong va` tho^ng thoi, chu' con` luc phai giai~ nghia~ xau vo thi` kho' ma` tim` duoc dun'g chu~ minh` muon' de~ ta~ ra y' nghi~, co' ban. nao` biet website nao, hoac cach nao` ma` hoc duoc may' tu*` do' ko?

    xin cam on

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    wow!!! your nick name is very Vietnam Perhaps, Your Vietnamese is really good.
    I think it can help you to learn Vietnamese.
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    I don't like English, I hate foreign language My English is very "banana" But I must use it So i want to learn English and I can teach Vietnamese for who need it
    my Y!M: chau_truong_sinh

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