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Thread: Giúp Mình dịch câu này sang tiếng Hàn

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    Default Giúp Mình dịch câu này sang tiếng Hàn

    Nhờ mọi người dịch câu này sang tiếng Hàn hộ mình

    Từ khi em ra đi , không một giây phút nào anh không nghĩ đến em. Thậm chí ngay cả trong giấc ngủ anh cũng mơ thấy em .Hàng ngày đến công ty không được nhìn thấy em anh cảm thấy cô đơn và buồn chán vô cùng , những bức ảnh em gửi cho anh cũng không làm vơi đi nỗi nhớ trong anh . Anh phải làm sao ?.

    Cảm ơn mọi người rất nhiều

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    First of all, sorry that I can't reply in Vietnamese even though I can write good. It's just because I'm new member, I haven't figured out how to write in Vietnamese on this page.(Every time I want some Vietnamese word, I have to go back to translation page, get the Vietnamese keyboard on, click one by one then copy it and paste it back here)

    Now back to your translation challenge, I tried on translation page (the full text), from Vietnamese to English, here how it came out

    First result:
    "When they leave, not a moment that he did not think of you. Even in sleep he dreamed children. Every day the company is not seeing his children feel lonely and extremely bored, she sent pictures he was not going to do with nostalgia in his . He do?."

    And second result:
    "Since younger sister pushed off, younger sister unthought you neither moment. Even even if in slumber you also dream that see younger sister.Quotidan come to corporation don't see younger sister you feel lone and bore stiff, nostalgia my photographs get donation britannic that also neither done ullaged off among you. How a Great Britain right?"

    Very funny huh? So we can't trust that
    I'm not a good translator but I tried to translate your Vietnamese text into English which I call "Since you've been gone":

    "Since you've been gone, not a moment that I don't think of you. Even in my sleep, I dream about you.
    Everyday, come to work and I can't see you, I feel so sad and lonely
    The pictures that you sent to me didn't help to reduce my pain a bit
    What should I do?"

    Then I go back to vdict's and translated phrase by phrase from English to Korean. The result (1):

    이후로 난 죽죠, 안 순간내가 당신을 생각하지 마세요. 내 자고해도, 난 당신에 대한 꿈을.
    매일 일하러 왔군요 그리고 난 당신을 볼 수없습니다, 나는 너무 슬프고 외로운 느낌.
    사진은 당신이 저의 고통을 조금 줄이는 데 도움이 안 보내.
    제가 어떻게해야합니까?

    Then I searched on-line, (paste the full text of your Vietnamese letter) translate into Korean, I've got the result (2):

    그들, 아니 그 순간 그는 당신을 생각하지 떠났죠. 심지어 그는 아이들이 꿈을 자요. 매일 매일 회사에 자신의 아이들과 외로운 극도로 지루한 느낌이 나타나지 않는 경우, 그녀는 그가 향수를 함께 할 일이 아니었 사진을 보내 자신의 . 그는합니까?.

    Then I paste "Since you've been gone" text and translate into Korean, I've got the result (3):

    당신이 내가 당신을 생각하지 않으면 안 순간에 나가 있었 잖아요. 내 자고해도, 난 당신에 대한 꿈. 매일 일하러 와서 널 볼 수 없어, 난 너무 슬프고 외로운 사진은 당신이 내게 어떻게해야 하나요 비트 내 고통을 줄이는 데 도움이되지 않았다 보낸 느낌 ?

    Since I don't speak Korean, I am not sure that it has the same meaning like in your beautiful Vietnamese letter and which result is better (1), (2) or (3)

    In my opinion, I don't trust (2) much because when the American website translate one Asian language into another Asian language, I don't think it's accurate

    My advice is find the Korean who can speak and write both English and Korean at good level and let he/she check it before you send it to the lucky girl of your dream. If you don't do that, after you send it to her and her father shows up at your doorstep with a angry face, don't blame me

    Good luck !!!
    Somebody else has any advice?

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