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Thread: Curiosity on Vietnamese "Voodoo/Magic" ngải

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    Ok, well I'm a born Catholic and have always been a practicing Christian and all but you have got to admit, somethings cause you to ponder a bit.
    A LITTLE intro ~ I was into ghosts and the oh-so-paranormal things because I wondered if they have EVER existed. Now, I already know that these "ghosts" can't be souls of others because in the Bible, it was stated that these souls return to Heaven or go to Hell but never remain on Earth. So "spirits" you've talked to on ouja boards/sightings/hearings/whatevers are not real. They're just demons manipulating you to frighten you since you believe/kinda believe in ghosts.

    ANYHOO. My parents recently told me about this freaky plant called, "ngải"
    used in magic by "masters". By going to these masters they give out chantings and then "instruct" these plants to do whatever you asked the master to grant you. These plants are supposedly bits and pieces of the souls of dead babies or aborted ones.

    My parents said they looked like grass? I have NO idea what it looks like.. Tiny little live weeds. You take it with you and it does all the work for you, as long as you feed it. Eggs. and Chickens. Now, for the newly grown weeds, you only need to feed it once a month with one chicken egg. After a month, the nutrients, yolk, and the white is said to disappear. Now, I'm thinking. Ok, perhaps it's due to decomposition? But wait a minute, that would mean a nasty smell has to be omitted right? All my parents said was "the egg will become light like a ping pong bal with nothing inside." So I'm kinda skeptical/kinda credulous on the whole idea.

    As it prospers, the duration for it to finish eating the egg/s will shorten and so will the demand of food ("5 mins to eat an egg"). After a year or two, these things are bigger and they need chickens, live ones. So, if it's too much to handle, you bring it to the "master" and he cuts pieces of the ngải & replants it, and so now you would have a smaller ngải to care for.

    What happens if you don't properly care for it? It is said to bring you bad luck until you do so. And reverse whatever you asked for.

    SCENARIO Not rly important
    [because most parents are nail technicians like mine..] :

    You want your nail shop to be the number one place for hordes of people with money to spend on their nails. You got a problem. Your location is bad, new management, lack of experience perhaps and maybe you're doing well but then people come in and even steal from you.
    "Ah! I know! I'm going to see the magical-what's-his-face and get a ngải , even though it's pretty dangerous shizzle I'm getting into!" You go to the master, he gives you a plant with incantations and you listen to what he says but you seem to be either unintelligent or stupid. You're not. He's speaking in an ancient language and he uses that tongue to direct what the plant is to do for you. Draw in customers, keep robbers out, good working crew and ,"a better life," you hope.
    You finally put the plant in the store, and it works! You heard that these "baby souls" will drift inside people's heads and draw them in even if they initially didn't want to. They can't stop. They're in a chant. Few hours or so they snap back into reality and wonder what happen (after they leave that it) Oh well, whatever works. Your life is way more important. You feed it monthly, but you notice it's been rapidly finishing up it's meal of eggs faster after some months and forgot to feed it.
    The ngải is getting pretty pissy .Your business is declining and bad luck is everywhere. Even out of the store. Your love life. Mere "accidents" occur more than what is perceived to be normal. Chaos is spurring and you decide to either keep on using this plant magic by having the master chop it off a bit & resuming the feeding or you just give the whole thing to the master, risking your business. Magic, afterall, is a bad thing to wound up in.

    Um, my parents even say investors use these things to get ppl to put $ in their stocks. Other people use it for pure personal gain. They even said an aunt of mine was once possessed by these plants. She had a diamond necklace on, and a ring and this stranger appeared in front of her asking for them. She's like, "hah.. no.." and as if in a trance she tears off her jewelry and gives it to him with much pleasure. After 30 minutes she remembers what happened but by then it was too late.

    OK SO. the point of this forum was to inform/amuse/"culterize" you with this magical Vietnamese voodoo nonsense. Even though I hear Thailand has these masters as well. And other superstitious countries.. like Jamaica.. Africa yadda yadda. But ANOTHER point was to ask if any of you guys know anything about this.

    I want to hear bitter situations/first hand experience with this/related issues/ other info on these plants/pictures of what these things look like/critical harshness/pros & cons/ debates/ debates on obama and hillary KIDDING.
    you know what I mean.
    PS. If it works, why haven't scientists test it out?

    Believers/Skeptics. Please engage in this forum thread. I'd like to know EVERYTHING!

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    uh well im Catholic too and My family and i was talkin about this yesterday nite XD
    For me I think it's true dont ask me y lol
    My parents said they know ppl in vietnam who used ngai and their family members died and stuff.....

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    there are many stories about this "Ngai", i have an uncle who used to travel to Cambodia many times and he said he saw people practicing this a lot, the stories of course are fancy but i dont believe in it.

    i believe in life after death, in horoscope (not the funny thing on magazines though), and doing good deeds.

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    Completely B.S.

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    Default REality seeker

    Quote Originally Posted by chickendog View Post
    Completely B.S.
    Yeah, kinda flaky stuff. Seriously, get a grip on reality

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    Quote Originally Posted by vietzodiac View Post
    Yeah, kinda flaky stuff. Seriously, get a grip on reality
    It's funny that you believe in Tử Vi, Zodiac, etc. but trashing on other non-science belief. Just like The Pot Calling The Kettle Black.

    Not everything can be explained by current science -- one of them is Tử Vi.That doesn't mean they are true or false, real or fake: You don't know! Unless you have an in-depth and first-hand knowledge of the subject you should just state your opinion, but please refrain from calling names or using degrading terms.

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    Wow.. I finally got some replies XDD
    Not enough, but it's alright.
    I'm more of a neutral.. I wish there was stuff on video..
    Even if the ngai stuff was on tape..
    Many people would still be in disbelief. Perhaps..
    I should see it face-ta-face.

    -shivers- * -*

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    does anyone in here know where in cali someone can find a master that provides ngai? seriously, i'm not kidding. i'm asking for a business friend.

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    Có ai hiểu gì không????

    Xem vtc 1 chả có gì - xem vtc hd1 còn hay hơn.

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